Sunday, October 31, 2010

Perfect conditions for camping

We had perfect conditions for camping. Helping out at the farm and generally relaxing. I have attached some photos for you to enjoy. Some of the things we did not get on photo were, dad ( me ) cracking a whip, which was used to round up the cattle into the stock yard. The search party ( Jae, Matt jnr and me ) looking for Bailey and Kim, who were gone a long time on a walk to the near by bluff. The search party did not find them because they came walking up the road to the farm from the other direction ( they had taken the long way back ).

Fixing a fence broken in a recent flash flood.
spraying cattle for parasites.
under the watchful eye of our supervisor ( Harri )
and finally a spot of fishing in the near by, Mary river.

Cheers for now, Matt

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