Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Harri's recovery gets stronger

Harri was so keen to get back to school this term, it is apparent that he wanted to get on with the job of learning to communicate. It will be the biggest of milestones in his recovery so far when he finally breaks through with independent communication.
The teachers are reporting that Harri is so focused with his speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions. The sessions are very productive and they hope that some time this term to introduce a communication aid that will go with Harri to both his schools, home and when ever he is out.

This week we have completed our first Skype session with Jensen from ABR in Singapore. This was introduced as an assistant to improving my technique efficiency. It is a halfway point between ABR clinics. The next clinic is in late September.

Regards Matt

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NDIS is important

The proposed NDIS for Australia is coming up in discussions at the COAG meeting next week. Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman, is still not making it a priority, and QLD will miss out on being included in this important trial. We need to help the politicians realise the support in the community about this subject.

Here is a link to register your support for the NDIS, 

What is important to remember is, the NDIS is an investment in the future for all Australian's. If you were injured and were left with a disability, the NDIS means that you should not suffer financially because of your disability. People with a disability do not chose to have it and if they need therapy, like physio ect, they should get it when they need it not when or if they can afford it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Excited to be back at school

Harri could not wait to get back to school this week. His smile for all the staff was rewarding.
The new medicine for seizures has hit a snag, when the last increment was made, Harri soon after had a period of increased cramping and anxiety, which only abated when the medicine was reduced back to the previous level. Disappointing really because it has showed promise in reducing seizures ( while still at low levels).
We now have to wait until we see the neurologist to get a direction on where to go from here. This should be every 6 months, but our appointment was put back an extra 4 months due to patient load. In the past we could have made a decision to see the same specialist privately, sooner. But the specialist has given up his private practice because of the demand on public system.

On a lighter note, we enjoyed a costume 21st birthday party, Harri going as Jack Sparrow. But i do not have to tell you that, you can see that for your self.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back to school for Harri

Well, after a busy school holiday, Harri was so excited to go back to school this morning. He received a warm welcome by his friends and the staff.
We had spent the last weekend of the holidays attending the Abbey Medieval Festival, We all had a good time. The crowd numbers were massive, but well worth it.