Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gearing up for nationals

Well some busy weeks and weekends behind us, we have been gearing up for nationals. the first of 3 Qld team training days was last weekend in Toowoomba. While there we had the chance to stay with Nathan, Nicole, Conner and Riley.

Some improvement in technique and on lane communication between Harri and myself will have us ready for nationals in June. Harri continues to improve his average in  his bowling, up from last year of 151 average at the end of the year to 164 average so far this year. This has helped put his team in a great position of 7 from 7 wins and leading on 34 points, 4 points clear of 2nd place team. The other team mates are have a good year as well, so great start all round.

We have also received the new wheelchair and can now look forward to the new SGD being mounted and going with him to school and everywhere. Training will be set to go out to the schools on the use of the SGD soon.

Regards Matt

Friday, March 7, 2014

City2South registration

Hello Guy's,

You may be aware that we are doing the City2South 14km event this year
as a funraiser for Harri's HOPE inc. If you would like to participate please 
read on. Early registraion closes soon (saving you $5 per entry )

Here is some links for registration in the City2South 

For Information about the event click here

For information about registration click here

To begin registration click here

enter your email address 

if you wish to be part of the Harri's HOPE team select, YES,
then when asked if you are creating a team select, NO.

when choosing a team search for Harri's HOPE
then enter the team password  ( Harri )

enter your details and when asked to select a starting group, select BLUE

when you are finished it will take you to the next page where it will prompt
you to select a charity, you can leave this blank and go to the next page.
The next page is the merchandise, when done here it will take you to review
your payment and then checkout.

Regards Matt