Monday, April 26, 2010

good weekend away on the farm

I packed up Harri and the family and went away to a farm for the long weekend. Thank you to David, Lorraine and family for putting us up. Despite still having the cast on his arm, we got in and did lots of farm work. Moving cattle and sending them through the dip for ticks. Finding, cutting and moving fire wood. Campfires, star gazing, barn christening party and BBQ's were all part of the action. Motor bike and car lessons in the paddock for Harri's brothers. Fishing for fresh water crayfish ( yabbies ) in the house dam. A visit to Imbil to see the Valley Rattler ( old steam train from Gympie) and a visit to the Kenilworth Cheese Factory and a visit to the Eumundi markets. What a lot to fit into 3 days. Harri a little tired after such a big weekend, but looking forward to hopefully getting the plaster off, for good, tomorrow (tuesday). Regards for now Matt

Sunday, April 18, 2010

it's a long road

Harri saw the orthopedic specialist in the fracture clinic this week, and he wants Harri to have the plaster on for 2 more weeks. It has been a long road for this injury recovery, from mid January to end of April.

I recieved a phone call back from one of the directors of Emotiv, and had a long discussion about the application of the epoc headset. He has given me a contacts in brisbane who may be able to help adapt the product to suit Harri. Stay tuned on this one.

We had a visit from Harri's Auntie Shelly for 4 days. this caps of a good year for visitors Maria and Nanna over Easter, Nathan, Nicole and Conner in February, as well as Neil, Carol and Grandma in late February.

We have acquired an appointment with a pediatric neurologist at the end of April, to discuss deep brain stimulation as an option for Harri's recovery.
We are expecting a quite week ahead, hopefully get our head down and a lot of ABR done.

Regards Matt

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April review

We have recently returned from our ABR review in western Sydney. The trip and stay was a lot more comfortable than previous trips, as Kim joined us on our trip to Sydney for the first time. A new location for the clinic again. But we had more space for the clinic than any of the previous clinics I have been to in the past. The accommodation was very reasonably priced. We were given a sizable discount because of the ABR clinic being there. It was a bit further to commute for us from the airport. The staff were great at the Chifley at Eastern Creek, they really looked after us.

We were pleased with the outcome of the review, and are setting about our plans to accomplish as much ABR prescription exercises in the next 4 months. Harri showed that he had good gains of strength in his abdominal and upper back. This could have resulted in a good review in the weight bearing tests, but alas the cast and broken arm prevented us from doing any of these tests.

November 2009
April 2010

The line across his abdomen was more of a straight line in Nov 09, and now tends to follow the rib line up in the middle, this displays improved underlining strength in the core muscles.

There was not much spare time for anything else while in Sydney. But we did take time to track down the offices of Emotiv, and now have a clear contact name and number for their Sydney operations. I hope to establish discussions with their researchers to track down developers using the headset to work with communications for people without a voice or other form of communication.

On return from Sydney, Harri started coming down with a bad cough. This rapidly developed into a productive cough with high 38 temps. We are working hard to avoid a chest infection.

On this coming Tuesday Harri should be finally rid of his cast, x-ray going well.

We will keep you posted.

Regards Matt