Thursday, March 29, 2012

Medicine for recovery trial continues

Harri has moved further into the trial of the medicine that could well assist his recovery. Back in January, 1 tablet in the morning, made him sleepy for 1/2 an hour mid morning. As he started school this was reduced to 1/2 a tablet, as it was thought that it may have an effect on his education. 2 weeks ago we went back to 1 tablet in the morning, and although he gets a little drowsy, the benefits in increase facial communication have been noted by both his schools. So we will continue on this dose a little longer.

The teacher from Corinda SHS has video of Harri using blinking for communication. It is not speech yet but the Dr is confident that the trial will eventually lead to speech. As he said " all the tell tale signs are there".

The family also prepares to leave on our Easter holiday, we hope to have lots of photos, E books and video's to share on our return.

Regards Matt

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Harri's moment in the spotlight

Harri has been 10 pin bowling with the disabled league since September last year. He is in a new team this year called "4 Amigoes ". Over the summer the league had a break, and Harri bowled in an amateur league for Brisbane. Abled bodied and disable, across 8 bowling centers, with 100 individual bowlers. After 12 rounds, Harrison finished 3rd overall. With a best individual game score of 209, a best session score of 742, and a total of 6524 after 12 rounds, giving him an average game score of 136. Well done Harri.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A new vehicle ordered

We have been searching for a while for the right one to purchase as our next vehicle. This will replace our Kia. We are pleased to say we have ordered the vehicle, a Nissan Elgrand. It is currently in Japan, and will take 3 to 5 weeks to deliver and compliance. We had hoped to have it for Easter, but we are relieved that it is finally underway.

This vehicle will have a special side lift seat, so we will not need to lift Harri into the car.

We will be traveling away at Easter and hope to have some wonderful stories and photos to share.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Harri has a ball, bowling

This week Harri and his brothers have enjoyed the company of a young hand tamed lorikeet. The bird befriended some children at Kim's school ( landing on their head ). It did not seem to be able to fend for it's self. So it came to stay with us until a more suitable home was found.

This week Harri bowled well his 2nd game being 30 over average, and 3rd game 25 over average. Helping his team to victory. Here is a short video of Harri bowling.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Harri has a whale of a time

Well the weather was fine, and Harri got to go sailing. The photos in the last post were the best close ups. but i will put 1 up that shows how far out into Morton Bay they went.

Ten pin bowling this week, Harri did well and bowled 25 over average, but it was not enough for his team to get the victory. Harri's team the "4 amigos" are still in the top 5 of 20 teams. Harri has really enjoyed the bowling. I intend to post some footage from next weeks game.

Have a good week. Regards Matt