Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Domino effect

It should not surprise me, but it does every time. While we have been working on numerous fronts to make improvements for Harri's health, one of these areas was his unexplained fast heart rate. Recently we have made significant changes to Harri's diet to help reduce reflux, therefore reducing the amount of pain episodes he is currently suffering. A bi-product of this has been a drop in Harri's resting heart rate of about 20-30 bmp. We will except our small victories however they come.

Regards Matt

Monday, August 15, 2011


While Harri was in hospital earlier this year, we have been introduced to a great support community for children with prolonged health problems and their families. It is called Livewire. Their are separate login's for the children, their parents and also a separate login for siblings. The children need to be between the ages of 10 and 21, because of the online component, they need a parents permission. In most of the hospitals, children can access free laptop stations that will only link to Livewire, where they can play games, chat with friends and listen to music, all from their bed.
Regards Matt

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Looking into new transportation

We are fast approaching a time when we need to update our vehicle. I know others have looked into vehicles and special modifications and it is very expensive. But by chance i saw a people mover that i did not recognise the make or model. When i investigated further, it turned out to be a Nissan Elgrand. A model not sold in Australia by Nissan, but imported privately, as a low mileage second hand vehicle.
More to my amassment, Nissan produce some of these vehicles with factory fitted hydraulic lifts and in our case a passenger seat the swivels out and lowers down to a standing transfer height. More amassing is that for a vehicle with about 50,000km in perfect condition could be purchased for around $20,000, depending on your requirements, (that's including the hoist), less if you just want the people mover. I know people are paying as much as $20,000 just for the conversion.
These are spacious top end luxury models,(sunroof, dual air con, reversing camera, 4X4), in great condition. So if you know someone like us, who may be looking for a vehicle like this, they should contact me and i will give them the importers details.
Regards Matt                     Nissan Elgrand

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Roadtrip done and dusted

Well, we have done our roadtrip to the ABR clinic and returned yesterday from Sydney.
All in all, Harri travelled well. 2 days to get to Sydney, 2 days there, 2 days to get back. He really was over it by the last day. Although we had left ourselves only 450km to travel, it took most of the day to get here.
The clinic was good, with new techniques (the egg) and improvements to the supercharger. It was a little disappointing to get the conformation of very little change for Harri since the last clinic. But that was expected, given the surgery and the problems we have had since. I will post again soon with more feed back from the clinic. cheers for now, Matt

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting ready for a road trip

Harri and I are getting ready for our road trip to Sydney. The next ABR clinic begins for us on Friday. We are driving down as it will be to difficult to commute in Sydney without a vehicle and all the stuff we need to cart around with us now. Report back soon.
Regards Matt