Sunday, October 28, 2012

Harri is thrilled with new pets

We have been working on a project over the last 2 weeks, which has come to a conclusion today. We now have a chicken shed, and we picked up the first 2 occupants this afternoon. 2 Frizzel chickens, yet to be named, well they have been given names, but there has yet to be a compromise on who gets the final say. Harriet and Henrietta are Kim's first choice. We have been unable to have chickens in the past as we had a Siberian Husky who would have found they tasty. But after 15 years, we lost her earlier this year. Now the family is a buzz, even oldest brother Jae.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Harri makes local headlines

This week Harri has made the front page of our local paper. The story was about attending Camp Have A Chat, a couple of weeks ago. The cover page has a typo, It gives my name as Harri's. They rectify the mistake on the following page.

Monday, October 22, 2012

New switches for Harri's wheelchair

After a wait for the switches and mounting plates we had on order to arrive, this we we have said good bye to the switches that were on loan from the school. We now have smaller less obstructive switches, with green for yes and red for no. The next item to sort out is the switch mounts. we have 2 on loan from the school and hope to order mounts soon.

We also had another trial of a wheelchair this week, this has been our 3rd. One more to trial and then time to place an order for a new wheelchair. Delivery will most probably be after christmas. Harri is growing so fast that it only seems like last year that he got his current chair. But it has been over 3 years.

Harri enjoyed participating in his school camp in the last week. He was only able to attend the 1 full day, due to commitments with specialists. Among other activities they went to the beach, fishing and bush walking.

Regards Matt

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Harri receives reward for effort

This week at 10 pin bowling, we received news that Harri has qualified for the selection squad to represent QLD in a team at the national disability tournament next year in June. This is fantastic news for Harri and a reward for the effort he puts in at bowling every week.

We would like to thank Matthew, Harri's friend who has offered up his time a lot of Saturday mornings to come along and help Harri with his bowling. They are really starting to gel as a team.

As Harrison increases his communication with his devices, I have thought of a way to encourage him to take more of a role in this blog and give Harri some different challenges. If you have become a follower of the blog (I think you need a google mail account), please post a question for Harri in the comments section for a post. I will then work on the question with him and post answers to your question on the blog. If you could keep the questions to simple ones at first would be good. 

Please encourage other you know who would be interested, to become followers and take part.

Harris starts back at school this coming week, and with the warm weather I bet that Harri is keen to see his Thursday come quickly and get back on the water with Sailability.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harri discovers potential with technology

Harri has been attending a special camp for children who have difficulty communication and making independent choice's. Called "Camp Have A Chat", Harri got to try devices that would have taken months on a waiting list to try, as well as meet other children with communication issues. Of most interest to Harri was controlling a electronic communication device with the switches on his wheelchair., when he could use the device to control a robot. He also did very well in trialing a eye gaze communication device, and we will investigate these options further in combination with his teachers and OT's.
ABC QLD News were present to cover the event and a link to the video is attached.

Camp Have A Chat ABC News

We now can't wait to get back to school and keep the rhythm going.

Regards Matt