Sunday, November 30, 2014

School year over for Harri

Harri has commenced school holidays, being in year 10 with the seniors, they start 2 weeks earlier than the lower grades. This will give us 8 weeks practice time with his SGD, in preparation for next year. Year 11 subject selection included english, maths, IDMT (visual design technology), creative industries (media), 2 lines of IEP, senior leadership program and academy.

The ten pin bowling season has also come to a close, with the awards night next weekend. The new season will recommence next January on the 17th. With Harri nominating for the Kedron tournament in March.

My apologies for low number of posts lately, but a lot  of my spare time has been absorbed by the project of completing the rumpus room downstairs. The aim was to have it completed by the time the school holidays started. With only the windows and some small paint patching to go, we are close.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Once in a life time holiday

In the 2nd week of the school holidays (Sept/Oct) the family enjoyed a trip of a life time on the P&O Pacific Dawn. We departed from Brisbane for the South Pacific Islands of New Caledonia and Vanuatu for 7 days.  We joined in a group of family and friends about 50 strong who had cruised before. 

We departed on the Saturday about 2pm and celebrated our first night at sea with dinner in the Waterfront Restaurant, 3 course A la carte.

 The first night was a little bumpy, but we all got through with no sea sickness. 

The first sea day we were very busy with activities around the ship. There was the Liar Liar show, where 4 crew members gave a story each and only 1 was the truth. Then there was dance classes ( cha cha) finished of by dinner with the group in the Waterfront Restaurant again. After dinner an acrobatic performance in the atrium, then a musical performance "Please Don't Stop the Music" in the Marquee.


Monday, October 27, 2014

A little concern for Harri

The last weekend has seen Harri at the hospital for GI issues. This is not the first time Harri has had GI issues, but the symptoms are worse than he has had before. Although home again now, the issue is still left unresolved and may require further investigations.

On the good news side, Harri's long awaited SGD mount has arrived and the device will now start going everywhere with him. We hope this will now bring consistency for Harri in his attempts to communicate with us and the world. So when you see Harri next time, don't forget to engage in a basic conversation with him, and then give him plenty of time to work on his response.

I promise later this week i will post photos and stories of our holidays. We were lucky enough to enjoy a P&O cruise to the South Pacific.

Cheers MC

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fundraising ride finishes in style

This week has seen the fundraising ride for Peter Brookes comes to a tremendous finish. Peter had been riding from Sydney to the Gold Coast. He left Sydney on the 28th of September and arriving on the Gold Coast to tremendous applause on the 8th of October. Channel 9 Gold Coast News were there to cover the story ( see the link below). A total of just over $17,000 was raised as of Peter's arrival home. A tremendous thanks to Peter, his family and supporters who help him accomplish the gruelling feat, and the couple of people who took up their bikes to keep Peter company for some of the journey. Thank you also to Peter's employer, A.B. Patterson College, their staff, students and school community for getting behind him. We are very glad to have him back safe and sound after taking on the Pacific Highway with a bike.

9 NEWS story

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What a magical holiday

We were lucky enough to go on a south pacific cruise holiday in the 2nd week of the school holiday. 7 nights with 3 stops in New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Everyone had a ball. The staff were very good to us, the locals at the all the stops were also very friendly. It is the best holiday we have done yet. It's gunna be hard to top that.

Sorry for putting up a lot of photos but it was hard to choose.





Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We are alright

Harri and I had an adventure on Monday. We are alright. A car came through a give way sign, slamming into the front of our car, ripping off the bumper and giving us an almighty july. The driver of the other vehicle then drove away. I was able to get a description of the car but was unable to get a full rego number. Now we are mostly confined to home as the vehicle is our main means of transportation. We don't know how long we will be without the vehicle at this stage.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another birthday

Harri has recently celebrated another birthday. The day was celebrated with a visit to 1 of the schools rallying behind Peter in his "Ride for Harri" from Sydney to the Gold Coast. The school had decided to have a gold coin day, then make posters using the gold coins and spread these out to represent the journey Peter would take. The event raised over $2000 for Harri's HOPE Inc.

In the afternoon the whole family went to the cinemas and enjoyed Guardians Of The Galaxy and then a family dinner. We cut a cake made by his brothers.

Having already celebrated his birthday on the Saturday before with family and school friends with a 10 pin bowling party.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Closing in on the target as the ride looms

We are closing in on the fundraising target as we near the end of the campaign. Saturday saw a sausage sizzle at Harbour Side Rare Gourmet Meats , on the Gold Coast.

Thank you to Joshua and the team for coming up with the idea, setting up and the donation of the sausages and other goods.

Thank you to Peter and staff from ABP that turned up to man the BBQ, as well as the students who dedicated their time to help out.

Harri was also rewarded with last weeks good game, with the bowler of the week award. scoring a 200 game 50 over average.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Return to form for Harri

Harri has recently started to regain some of the form he was showing early in the year with his 10 pin bowling. Last weekend he bowled a straight 200 game, which was 50 over his average. It was well timed with the teams that are currently in 2nd and 3rd place have made up some ground on "Stations Hands" harri's team. With only 1/3 of the season remaining, they have just over a 2 perfect games buffer to 2nd place, and his personal average is currently the 2nd highest in the club, only 3 behind 1st place. They have 2 tough games coming up over the next couple of weeks.

On a second note the AGM for Harri's HOPE Inc. is coming up in mid-late September, we are looking for people who might be able to commit to 4 meetings a year (fixed dates in advance), to assist in the running of the charity. This would be purely administration, as the fundraising is organised separately. If you would like to find out more or are interested, please leave a comment to this post.

Regards Matt

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Riding Jersey design

We have had some wonderful help in creating a new design for Harri's HOPE Inc. as a part of designing a riding jersey for Peter Brookes' "Ride For Harri". The fundraising page has been released, and is going well, but please keep spreading the word.

The designs have been finalised and i decided to share the images of the riding jersey,

Regards Matt

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peter gears up to Help Harri's HOPE

Peter heard of Harri and his story through his wife, who is co-ordinator for touch football at a school in Brisbane, that I (Matt) have refereed for, for the last 3 years. Having in the past given us the opportunity to attend some NRL games in Brisbane.

Peter is an avid cyclist and 12 months ago came up with an idea to ride to raise money for Harri's charity. only this year has the idea and planning grown in a mammoth undertaking of "The Ride for Harri", which will start in Sydney and finish at the school where Peter works on the Gold Coast.

Peter has established a fundraising page and encourages everyone to spread the word / link, even if you are unable to give personally, you may know someone you can. We really appreciate your support.

Ride for Harri

Stay tuned for more updates as the September / October dates draw near.

Regards Matt

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Busy term for Harri and us all

We have had a very busy term so far, Harri now attending Corinda 5 days a week and the SGD work is well underway. Harri is at times participating in general conversations at home. As soon as the wheelchair mount arrives it will become a part of everyday use at school and at home.

We have been working with some new carers, Jeni on the school holidays and recently Saurav, Nancy and Kephas. This is making life a little more hectic at the moment, but will make life a little easier in the near future.

Bowling is still going well and Harri has made some improvements in the past 2 weeks. Bowling his best score of 190 last week was his best game in 3 months. His bowling average stands at 153.

Regards Matt

Monday, July 7, 2014

Memorable photo

We received this week the photo of Harri's QLD Cole Cup Team from the National tournament.

This included the 7 team members, coach, team manager and carers

Friday, July 4, 2014

School holidays a chance workout

The school holidays have started, and there is no plan to go away these holidays. So Harri is taking the opportunity to increase his Sporting Wheelies PT sessions. A thank you to Christian and Nathan for offering the extra PT sessions. Thanks also to Sarah and Naomi, his regular PT's, as they have loaded Harri's FES profile onto the new controller, making the sessions run smoother and more post PT sessions on the MotoMed available.

We did take the opportunity to visit Family at Kenilworth / Imbil over the weekend and help out with some jobs around the farm.

The SGD work is going well, with training commenced at the schools and an application for a wheelchair mount in place, it will only be a short wait and his communication device will go everywhere with him.

Harri's new carer Jenni is helping to extract the best out of Harri, he is working really well with her.

Monday, June 23, 2014

A marathon effort to support Harri

Harri and I had a meeting recently with an enthusiastic teacher Peter, who enjoys cycling. He is planning a mamoth ride from Sydney to the Gold Coast, where he works, later this year as a fundraiser for Harri's HOPE.
His school is getting behind him and supporting on his ride, as is his wife's school here in Brisbane, where i referee touch football.
At the meeting, Harri was presented with a signed Titan's league ball, having heard that Harri is a avid supporter. Stay tuned for more new on this later in the year.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Special thanks

I wish to say a special thanks to staff at Jetstar airlines and the Carlyle Hotel for making our travel to Hobart and stay in Hobart a very pleasant experience.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Harri returns from the Nationals

Harri arrived home on Thursday, from the Disabled Ten Pin Bowling National Tournament in Hobart. Over the 3 days Harri bowled 19 games in singles, doubles and trio's, and 4 games for QLD Cole Cup Team on Wednesday. The first weekend saw Harri struggle to adjust to the climate (cold Hobart), the conditions (very crowded venue) and the venue itself. Most of his games coming under his average. By the Tuesday Harri had relaxed more to the conditions and acclimatised better. His scores had lifted, but he was still struggling with the different oil pattern on the lanes. So a decision was made to change his setup with the bowling ramp mid tournament. Come Wednesday Harri was making his average scores more easily and represented Queensland well in 4 of the 7 matches he was selected to bowl in. The team struggled to be at their best and finished out of the standings at the end of the tournament. The Open State Team however came home with the trophy.

On one of our days off we were able to partake in a bit of sight seeing around Hobart. We dropped into the visitor information centre where this photo was taken. It was a great week.

Monday, June 2, 2014

a Courage award for Harri

Harri was nominated for a Lion's Courage award for showing courage to overcome adversity and in recognition in representing his state in 10pin bowling. Harri was thrilled by the award.


This week also sees the trial of the mount for the SGD begin. Just in time to go to Hobart for the nationals. Harri's last hit out before we depart saw a 3-0 victory for his team and a solid 19 over average in 1 of the 3 games, the best score he has bowled in the last 6 weeks.

Also close after his return home is the  City2South 14km fun run fundraiser, if you would like to make a donation/ sponsor the team please follow this link

Harri's HOPE runners

Cheers MC

Thursday, May 22, 2014

short hospital stay for tests

Harri has returned home after a short hospital stay for an extensive EEG test. The results should help give us a road map to altering the medications with minimal side effect and enviably give Harri more positive outcomes.

The stay coincided with the rugby league local derby between Harri's Titans and little brother's Bronco's. So for the first time in 4 years we have missed this match, having to watch from the hospital bed. Not making anything better, the Titan's went down to the Bronco's in a match that was a close contest up until the last 10 min.

Harri will be happy to get back to 10pin bowling with his local club, after missing the last 2 weeks. Having put in pre-bowls has helped his team maintain a lead in the 20 team competition, with about 1/3 of the competition completed. Harri's average still up on last year from 151 to 156. Also it is now 2 weeks until the nationals, so we will be working hard to be in best form leading into the tournament.

Regards Matt

Sunday, May 18, 2014

QLD team shirt presented

Harris has attended his last team training day before the nationals. On the day he was presented with his team shirt and jumper. He was very proud. He has been struggling with a sore right arm over the last 2weeks, but we are confident it will be right for the early June tournament. His lead up was looking to be interrupted by a delay to his Botox appointment. But a cancelation had us seeing the clinic 4 days after he was due.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Holidays part 2

On our holiday we visited the property "Sunrise" and witnessed the early stages of recovery after a hash drought and bush fire. They have a lot of hard work in front of them still.

After a reflective Friday with The Stations of the Cross and the Easter vigil, the Easter weekend was reserved for fun, with the Rodeo on Saturday, golf on Sunday and the races on Monday.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

What a busy holidays part 1

Well i do apologies for not posting sooner, but we have had a big holiday away from home with no internet access. We have spent the best part of the last 2 weeks traveling to Western Qld to the birth place of Dad (Matt ) visiting the family property he lived on as a toddler, as well as the Mitchell Artesian hot springs, arriving in Augathella for the Rodeo and Races over the Easter weekend. The small town of 200-300 swells at this time of year to several thousand.

We were joined by Harri's Aunty Chris, who often brought a smile to Harri's face with there quiet jokes. While in Augathella we stayed and caught up with cousins, setting up our big camper trailer. Chloe (a young cousin) even brought her horse Sonny over to meet Harri.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

School holidays are here again

Harri has been working hard this term and is enjoying the start of the school holidays. He attended the 2nd Qld team training camp last weekend, which was held on the Gold Coast. We have been on a tour of the old historical prison in Brisbane, the " Bogo Road Gaol ".

Harri has also been working well with the SGD and his carer Olivia has helped spur him on in his performance. Hoping to get the friend groups around to lift the potential even more.

Still waiting to have a mount fitted to wheelchair for the SGD.

Aunty Chris has arrived on a visit from Cairns in FNQ. Harri has not seen her for 3 and a bit years.
Aunty Chris is missing out on a possible category 4 cyclone that is tracking towards the region.

Happy Holidays

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gearing up for nationals

Well some busy weeks and weekends behind us, we have been gearing up for nationals. the first of 3 Qld team training days was last weekend in Toowoomba. While there we had the chance to stay with Nathan, Nicole, Conner and Riley.

Some improvement in technique and on lane communication between Harri and myself will have us ready for nationals in June. Harri continues to improve his average in  his bowling, up from last year of 151 average at the end of the year to 164 average so far this year. This has helped put his team in a great position of 7 from 7 wins and leading on 34 points, 4 points clear of 2nd place team. The other team mates are have a good year as well, so great start all round.

We have also received the new wheelchair and can now look forward to the new SGD being mounted and going with him to school and everywhere. Training will be set to go out to the schools on the use of the SGD soon.

Regards Matt

Friday, March 7, 2014

City2South registration

Hello Guy's,

You may be aware that we are doing the City2South 14km event this year
as a funraiser for Harri's HOPE inc. If you would like to participate please 
read on. Early registraion closes soon (saving you $5 per entry )

Here is some links for registration in the City2South 

For Information about the event click here

For information about registration click here

To begin registration click here

enter your email address 

if you wish to be part of the Harri's HOPE team select, YES,
then when asked if you are creating a team select, NO.

when choosing a team search for Harri's HOPE
then enter the team password  ( Harri )

enter your details and when asked to select a starting group, select BLUE

when you are finished it will take you to the next page where it will prompt
you to select a charity, you can leave this blank and go to the next page.
The next page is the merchandise, when done here it will take you to review
your payment and then checkout.

Regards Matt

Friday, February 28, 2014

Harri working hard and focused

Our first reports from the teachers at school is, that Harri is working really hard and has been exceptionally focused in his IEP lessons. This year has seen a shift to more IEP lessons leading up to the introduction to the schools of his SGD (speech generation device). On that note the first training for the teachers at the schools will take place in the next week or 2.

We have been out on the streets in the afternoons with the jogging wheelchair more frequently, in a lead up to the 14km City2South event in June. We are still looking for keen walkers/joggers to join us on the day, so if you are interested, leave a comment here or visit the Harri's HOPE webpage.

Harri's HOPE

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Registration open for fundraiser

The City2South 14km fun run has opened nominations and discounted registration fees by $10, but only until 7th of March. The event will be held on the 15th of June, only a couple of days after Harri returns from the 10 Pin Bowling National Tournament.

Harri's HOPE Fundraising has chosen this as the main fundraiser for this year. We are calling for those interested in simply doing the event or doing the event and seeking sponsors (fundraising). Our hope is to make this our best participation fundraising event. In 2007 we had 46 participants in Riverwalk. This year we are aiming for in excess of 50. While some may wish to challenge them selves against the clock, we will be aiming for a fast walk pace ( aprox 2.25 hours ). We are getting prices for shirts printed with the charities details as well.

We hope to finalise a list by 1st of March, to nominate a team (min 20 participants). Please contact me ( Matt) by emailing to

For more information on the event please follow the link City2South

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Harri selected for QLD team

A great reward for his efforts, Harri was today selected for the State Disability Cole Cup Team set to compete at the National 10 Pin Bowling tournament in Hobart in June this year. This follows his success as an individual at the State disability Challenge last September, where he won a gold medal for the mens A grade.

This selection means Harri will need to participate in monthly squad training as well as his weekly bowling commitments for his team.

Harri secured his spot with some fantastic games of 164, 155, 178, 201 and 178, with a couple of games just under his average of 151.

He could not contain himself when his name was read out for the team, and laughed for 5 minutes. I will share photos when he is presented with his QLD shirt.

Regards Matt

Thursday, February 6, 2014

School term off and running

Harri is nearing the second week back at school. With the same support teachers and aids as last year at Corinda, so only the subject teachers changing. But new class teacher and aids at Nursery Road. Getting back into the routine has not taken long.

Harri is also enjoying the book "Magician" by Raymond Feist, purchase for his iPad with some iTunes vouchers he received for christmas. Little brother Bailey has been listening in and has now borrowed the book from his school library and is racing ahead to find out what's happened.

A service and upgrade for the "Bikechair" is almost complete, which will make Harri happier, getting back out on the bikes with the family.

Regards Matt

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Date claimer for fundraising event

I have chosen the City2South 14km fun run as our major fundraiser for Harri's HOPE in 2014. We completed the inaugural event last year and were pleased with the event. In the past we have used the Gold Coast Marathon event and Riverwalk as fundraisers. The best participation we received was in Riverwalk 2007, when we had 46 friends do the walk with us.

I would like to beat that mark in this years event. So I am calling all eager walkers/joggers/runners to put aside the date of Sunday 15th of June. I want to take advantage of early bird discounts and once I have 20 names nominated, I can create a team page to make fundraising easier. You can help by simply competing and getting a hand full of sponsors or sponsoring someone who is competing. If you would like to help fundraise but can not do the event, please contact me to arrange this. The nominations are not open yet but i am looking for an early indication of people interested. If you are interested please indicate by end of February.

Regards Matt

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A working bee planned

Special bulletin

Members of Harris supporting charity ( Harri's HOPE Inc.) are arranging a working bee on the weekend of 8th & 9th of February. The function of the working bee is to rapidly complete projects around Harri's home environment, enabling Harri to enjoy his surroundings more effectively and participate in the activities that the family engage in.

Anyone wishing to participate can contact the committee using the contacts page on the organisation's web page. the link is here

Thank you, from the committee.
-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -

Harri will also compete in the selection trials for the Qld disabled bowling Cole Cup team on the 16th of February. He has been in better form than last year where he just missed out on a spot on the team.

School also returns this week for Harri and his younger brother. We are also eagerly awaiting the commencement of the speech therapy sessions with his new speech generation device ( SGD ) with eye gaze controls.

We hope to then have the SGD go with Harri everywhere as his main communication system. It is also hoped that the peer communication groups / friends will commence. These groups of friends will assist in make harri's communication more meaningful and efficient.

Regards Matt

Monday, January 20, 2014

Busy January

We have have a busy time in January. We packed and left for a trip to Mackay on New Years day, getting as far as Rockhampton on the 1st Day, where we had a long over due catch up we Harri's Uncle Dan and Aunty Michelle. We were warmly accepted and stayed the night, we all enjoyed the lasagne Michelle had prepared.

We travelled on the following day arriving in Mackay mid afternoon, seeing Grandma before finally arriving at the Barrow Hill farm, where we were going to make our base for the couple of days we were to stay in Mackay. During our stay visited with the relatives and friends, as well as swam in the Pioneer river ( above the Dumblton Weir ), visited a Eungella National Park walking to the platypus observation decks, had a birthday lunch for grandma and ten pin bowling.

We left Mackay and arrived in Brisbane on the 6th. We then began to prepare for our beach holiday at Marcoola. We left early this year than previous years and were staying for a total of 10 nights. Our lovely apartment at Marcoola Beach Resort was very close to the beach and surf life saving patrols. We also had a pool, a heated spa, gymnasium, tennis court, sauna and BBQ's. Much to the children's delight, free, pay-TV with Nickelodeon.

We have now returned from Holiday's all a little browner, but a lot more relaxed.

We hope the new year has been good for you and we look forward to sharing an exciting year with you.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas and New Years pass by

Time has flown by, so has Christmas and New Year, enjoying parties and swimming to beat the heat. Playing with the new presents and in Harri case working with his new communication device that arrived Christmas eve. But he had to wait till I had created a stable mount while we wait for the table mount to be delivered and the new wheelchair to arrive before a wheelchair mount can be prescribed.

Trying to put in 2 sessions a day, with a 6 day interruption for a fast visit to Mackay N.Q. visiting relatives.

Now the new year period is over further adjustments to Harri's medication will continue, in the hope that it is all sorted by the start of school. Harri has been a bit sleepy over the last month as a side effect of the recent changes. The late nights and social events over the festival period probably having an effect as well.

Harri has also started the year well with bowling, picking up where he left off with a 165, 162 and 170 in his first match. this gives him a 497 series without handicap and 644 with handicap. good games off 14, 11 and 19 over average.