Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apologies for my lack of posts

Firstly and foremost i must apologies for my lack of posts this month. We have been in Sydney for our ABR review, which stretched over the first part of the weekend 13th Nov. The Sunday we ( Harri and me ) were treated to a surprise, the family, minus Jae, went to a midday to 8pm  open air concert at Sirromet winery. The line up included but not limited to Jimmy Barnes, Vanessa Amerosi, Johnny Diesel & Mark Sermore. It is becoming the in way to attend a concert. It is called " A day on the green ".
Well there goes that weekend. I have been busy getting my venue ready for Premier Touch grandfinals. and my other venues just starting their City Touch summer season. There goes the week days and nights. School music concerts, sports break ups and exams have kept the kids busy. Work has kept Kim busy. Last weekend was another blink and you miss it, weekend.
We ( Kim and I ) have also in our spare time been researching, organising and booking a mystery holiday for the christmas holidays. A Mystery, because we will not be telling the boys where we are going. At the moment the people at our destination, do not yet know much of our plans, but we will be contacting them over the next week, as we will make the last bookings this week.

Regards for now Matt

Monday, November 8, 2010

prepairing for next clinic

Harri and I will leave this Friday for the ABR clinic is Sydney. Hope to have a good report for you all on our return.

I was away last weekend at a family wedding in Cairns, while Harri spent the weekend with his mother and brothers. I was difficult for me to be away from Harri and not his carer, I felt at times, that I was out of place. It was made all the more difficult because, Harri has had some difficulty breathing in a couple of incidents. The doctors are not sure what is causing it and are at a loss to recommend a treatment. It may be a result of his recently discovered condition, tracheomalacia or a complicated change in seizure. At the moment we need to just watch him more closely.

Regards for now Matt