Thursday, January 31, 2013

Try-out's are upon us

Try-out's for selection to the Qld team for the national tournament, are on this coming Sunday. We are wishing Harri well with the trials.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wild weather, but we are OK

We have been on our annual holiday at the beach. We stayed 10 days, with activities like going in the surf, the pool, heated spa, the sauna, fishing ( we did not catch anything except toad fish), a massage and lots of board games. Harri laughed a lot at watching everyone play tennis.

The last couple of days were rainy, as bad weather moved down from North Qld ( ex tropical cyclone)
but we just used the spa more. Harri got a great tan, even though we plastered him with sunscreen.

We arrived home in the middle of the wild weather and heavy rain. after arriving home for less than 2 hours, we lost power, when a larger gumtree was blown down across power lines. We were without power for more than 50 hours.

This made things difficult to prepare for returning to school. Amid all this we receive the 1st of several trials of eye tracking communication equipment. We will have this device for a 2 week trial. The first week has been very exciting, as has been returning to school.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A big 1 day adventure

We enjoyed a big day out on Tuesday. We got up early to make the 7am ferry to Moreton Island. Our destination was Tangalooma Resort, about an hour across the bay from Brisbane. We cramed in a whole bunch of activities. But the ferry ride was the first part of the adventure.

2nd & 3rd items on the list were a dip in the pool then training on sailing a catamaran. We checked into the VIP lounge where Harri had an early lunch then off to the buffet.

After lunch we went to check in for the snorkling tour of the Tangalooma Wrecks (Harri and mum, would stay on the dive boat and feed the fish) little brother Bailey and Dad were all set to get wet.

After snorkling we had just enough time to catch a 4WD tour bus out to a place called the desert for some sand tobogganing. The giant sand dune was to step for dad to get Harri up the top for a turn, But Harri did not seem to mind not getting sand in his face like Bailey.

Back to the resort for sunset, 

Before the evenings main event, wild dolphin feeding. Harrison had a very long turn with the dolphins courtesy of the excellent staff. No really good photos were available because you can not use a flash that close to the dolphins. Harrison fed a dolphin named Tinker-bell. We all had an excellent day.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A hot summer

Firstly my apologies for a lack of posts this month. Our hard drive packed it in, and we decided at the same time to update our operating system as well as the hardware. Once that was completed we up loaded the old files on to the new system. Back on deck now.

Our chickens are finally laying eggs, and as they get bigger they are becoming less afraid of being around us. We are still cautious about dangers to the hens and have upgraded security on the hen house. We have witnessed a 2.5 metre carpet python in the area, and chased off a fox a couple of times in the wee hours of night.

Harri has been mixing his time between working his exercises, practicing his communication and playing with presents. An intensive trial of Stilnox over the holidays is yielding promising signs, and with 2 more weeks of holidays we hope to have a little break through.

This week will make the arrival of our first loan ECD (electronic communication device) with the eye gaze accessory. We are very excited to see how well Harri works with this device.

Regards Matt