Monday, October 4, 2010

Double procedure uncovers more difficulties

On last Friday, Harri had a double procedure, a gastrostomy and a bronchoscopy, both yielding unexpected results. Firstly the bronchoscopy was performed to uncovered the cause of a persistent moist cough. We discovered that Harri has a condition called TracheoMalacia, a soft trachea. Making it difficult to expel mucus from his bronchial tubes. This is usually found with a build up of mucus and proteins in the lung, leaving him exposes to a higher rate of chest infections. However his lungs are clear, meaning with preventative physio, we could avoid this situation.
The Gastrostomy was performed to find out what is causing the bleeding in his stomach. We discovered that the feeding tube that was replaced in April is different on the inside than the previous 1. This has resulted in a lesion caused by rubbing. Further to this there is signs at the bottom of his Esophagus, that he has been suffering from reflux. They have taken a biopsy and we will get results later this week.

Regards Matt

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  1. Hi mat and Harri
    Sorry to hear you have had to go thru this surgery. Hope you are feeling better real soon.