Monday, January 18, 2016


I woke up today, as with many other days feeling normal for a fraction of a second, thinking everything was normal. Then reality catches up to you. This place looks the same, same bed, same house, same people around you. But it does not feel the same, it's a somber, less cheery world that you have been teleported to, a parallel world where everything is almost exactly the same. But it is different for me and difficult most days. I have tried keeping busy and tried slowing down and adjust to this new world. But there are days where I think I can't go on either way. I just want to return to where I was and that makes me feel lost and torn between here and there. 
There are people who were teleported here at the same time as you, some of them look like they have adjusted to this new world, others seem to be making the best of it, then there are a few who seem to be struggling as much as I am to adjust to these familiar but uneasy surroundings. Then there are people who carry on as if nothing has changed, fail to realise just how much the old world meant to you, that you built your life around that one person who was the centre of that world. The one person who was not teleported to the new world, “a world without Harri”. Some times all you need to get through the day is some acknowledgement from the people around you that it is ok to be sad and to cry, that they will cry with you because they also long to go back to the world with you. But that world only exists in everyones memories. We can't go back to it. But this does not mean that it was not a real world and that we should be sad for it's passing.
Kim and Matt Creevey

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tribute page for Harrison

A tribute page has been established for Harrison and the family. Please follow the link below if you wish to leave a message.

Etribute page

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We are all Missing Harri

We have had a very tough time over the last few weeks, since Harri's 18th Birthday party. Harri became unwell with the Influenza B and ended up in hospital with pneumonia, a potentially fatal chest infection. Breathing became very difficult for Harrison and he went into respiratory failure, so he was put on a ventilator and taken to the Mater ICU. Here he fought to get on top of the infection and after 9 days he was making progress to come off the ventilator.

But he started to get more temperatures and came down with a server secondary infection called Pseudomonas. Harri was required to be re-sedated and fight this new infection. 7 Days later he improved and he was finally able to come off the ventilator on the 29th of September. The doctors were very hopeful, but late on the 30th of September Harri started to succumb to the infection again.

After weeks of fighting his respiratory muscles were depleted and weak. A server scoliosis and tracheomalacia were complicating Harrison's ability to breath and cough properly. Harrison deteriorated over night and passed away at 3pm on the 1st of October 2015.

We, Harrison's family are very sad, but we have been blessed to have Harri in our lives, especially over the last 15 years, since he received his brain injury from an encephalitis.

We hope to keep the memory of Harrison alive by keeping the charity going and helping children with similar struggles as Harrison.

We thank those who have offered their condolences and prayers, and we thank all those who have played a part in our young mans life.

Regards Matt

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hello again to the readers,

                   Firstly my apologies for the hiatus. Life has certainly picked up pace around our household. I will endeavour to account for that in coming posts. Most certainly the communication work with Harri's SGD is taking a lot of priority and time. On top of this the need for me to return to work and the success of starting a small business has lead to a savage lack out time on my part, to up keep regular posts.

                   How ever our 1 fundraiser for the year has snuck up on us and is on this month.

We are completing the City2South 14km fun run on the 14th of June 2015. The team consists of Bailey (younger brother of Harri), Kim ( Harri's mother) and they will be joined by Harri being pushed by myself. I am giving myself a challenge of trying to complete the 14km run (which includes Highgate Hill) in under 90 minutes. An increased difficulty as Harri is 17 now and is 4kg heavier than last year.

Thank you again. for now M.C.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

School year over for Harri

Harri has commenced school holidays, being in year 10 with the seniors, they start 2 weeks earlier than the lower grades. This will give us 8 weeks practice time with his SGD, in preparation for next year. Year 11 subject selection included english, maths, IDMT (visual design technology), creative industries (media), 2 lines of IEP, senior leadership program and academy.

The ten pin bowling season has also come to a close, with the awards night next weekend. The new season will recommence next January on the 17th. With Harri nominating for the Kedron tournament in March.

My apologies for low number of posts lately, but a lot  of my spare time has been absorbed by the project of completing the rumpus room downstairs. The aim was to have it completed by the time the school holidays started. With only the windows and some small paint patching to go, we are close.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Once in a life time holiday

In the 2nd week of the school holidays (Sept/Oct) the family enjoyed a trip of a life time on the P&O Pacific Dawn. We departed from Brisbane for the South Pacific Islands of New Caledonia and Vanuatu for 7 days.  We joined in a group of family and friends about 50 strong who had cruised before. 

We departed on the Saturday about 2pm and celebrated our first night at sea with dinner in the Waterfront Restaurant, 3 course A la carte.

 The first night was a little bumpy, but we all got through with no sea sickness. 

The first sea day we were very busy with activities around the ship. There was the Liar Liar show, where 4 crew members gave a story each and only 1 was the truth. Then there was dance classes ( cha cha) finished of by dinner with the group in the Waterfront Restaurant again. After dinner an acrobatic performance in the atrium, then a musical performance "Please Don't Stop the Music" in the Marquee.


Monday, October 27, 2014

A little concern for Harri

The last weekend has seen Harri at the hospital for GI issues. This is not the first time Harri has had GI issues, but the symptoms are worse than he has had before. Although home again now, the issue is still left unresolved and may require further investigations.

On the good news side, Harri's long awaited SGD mount has arrived and the device will now start going everywhere with him. We hope this will now bring consistency for Harri in his attempts to communicate with us and the world. So when you see Harri next time, don't forget to engage in a basic conversation with him, and then give him plenty of time to work on his response.

I promise later this week i will post photos and stories of our holidays. We were lucky enough to enjoy a P&O cruise to the South Pacific.

Cheers MC