Thursday, February 3, 2011

You won't believe it

You will not believe it, but in the last couple of days of our holiday, Kim stubbed her foot on a dead fish, at the edge of the waves on the beach. The fish was a catfish. They have long spikes in their side fins. This spike is barbed, and it went right between her 2nd and 3rd toe, on her left foot. An ambulance ride and short hospital emergency visit to remove the barb. Harri thought this was very funny, because he was not the one who was getting all the needles.

The outcome of this event forced everyone to slow down and chill out for the last couple of days of our holiday.

The photos that follow have been request by people who have already heard the news but have not seen the photos. The photos may not be recommended for the squeamish.

In my defense, i arrived to help Kim without the camera. It was Kim who sent me back to get it.
Regards Matt