Thursday, October 24, 2013

Harri's PT sessions at Sporting Wheelies

I thought i would share with you some short video's of the sessions at Sporting Wheelies. Harri has been doing very well with his sessions and along with putting on weight, the trainers think Harri has improved some strength in some areas. Harri was doing some standing today and watching another client practicing sitting to standing. Harri seemed to register that that's what we hope for him in the future.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Harrison acknowledged in his school news letter and 10 news segment

Below is a link to Harri's school news letter, where he was given recognition for his ten pin bowling efforts.

He is enjoying the extra notoriety this is bringing.

Corinda State High School

The next link is the link from the Cerebral Palsy League website to the channel 10 news segment from Camp Have-A-Chat

10 news segment

Please also visit the Harri's HOPE web page to check out the changes there.

Harri's HOPE Inc.

Regards Matt

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A fun weekend for all

We packed up on Friday and went camping at Wivenhoe Dam for the weekend. The idea was that we were taking Harri's younger brother up for a scout camp on Saturday-Sunday. So we left early and had some time to enjoy the lake together. We stayed at Lumley Hill Camp Grounds and we took the Corsair, our newly acquired sailing boat. I had made a specially fitted seat for Harri to enjoy the sailing better. Nathan, Nicole, Conner and Riley came down for the day as well. We had a great weekend and are all tired as a result.

The home made chair was a success and Harri enjoyed the time sailing, even if the winds were a little light most of the time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Camp Have-A-Chat

Harri and I have returned from 4 days away at our 2nd Camp Have-A-Chat. Held in the 2nd week of the school holidays, Camp Have-A-Chat is a special camp run by the Cerebral Palsy League, for children who have difficulties communicating.

While at camp this year Harri trialled the latest speech generation device with eye gaze module. Despite the fact that he had not used the language system of the device before and he had never meet his 2 personal aid's ( Alana and Steph - 4th year speech therapy students ), Harri did remarkable well.

He engaged in making decisions based around the theme of this years camp, minnie me in my imagination.

There was some news crews from channel 9 and channel 10 as well as some news paper reporters. The story aired on Wednesday the 2nd of October on both 9 & 10. I don not have a link to these stories or have not seen the final edit yet, but i will post a link as soon as i get 1.

For now it is back to school with a new teacher ( Kathrine ) for Tuesday - Thursday

Regards Matt