Sunday, May 30, 2010

lots of appointments this week

We have had a lot of appointments this last week. Makes it hard to focus on ABR. We have seen the orthopedics, fracture clinic and general pediatrician. As well as the chiropractor and cranial osteopath. But we also received a call from the man making Harri a chair. He had finished the upholstery, and it was ready to be picked up. All it needs is a head rest and he is right to go.

We celebrated Harri's cousins 21st birthday on the weekend, and a lot of family came to Brisbane for the party from Mackay. We also experienced a comedy festival at Southbank as part of Queensland week celebrations. Harri enjoyed the comedy immensely. Good to see his sense of humor come to the for every now and then.

Regards Matt

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A quiet week to follow up the busy weekend

After the weekend we had, we needed to settle down and have a quiet week, with lots of ABR exercises. We accomplished what we set out to do, but Harri was a bit off key this week, and subsequently it effected his exercises and sleep. It might be something to do with the weather, it has been getting a little colder at nights.
As there is not as much to report this week, I would like to share a poem with you that was presented to me some time ago by Nanna G.

Reason faces up to life, and sees things as they are.
Hope sees things as they ought to be, and wishes on a star.
Faith dreams of miracles to come, that only God can do.
Love goes to work with patient hands, 
to make these dreams come true.

Have a good week, regards Matt

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting the job done this week

After some weeks with distractions taking the focus away from ABR, we finally settled down and got a solid week of work done. To reward Harri for his good effort, we celebrated by going to watch his favorite team play, the Gold Coast TITANS.
With his younger brother going for the opposition, ( The Brisbane BRONCOS) and Harri and I going for the TITANS, we were set for a good night. Well Bailey came home with the grin and the win, but we were not to disappointed, as the TITANS are going well this season.

Sunday was a family day, in which we had the rare opportunity to walk over our city's newest bridge ( The Gateway Bridge ) it is a duplication of the original, which was opened in 1986.
The 1st photo, is on the way to the opening with his brothers and mum. In the center photo is Kim's cousin Deborah and her son Aiden. In the background you can see the bridge covered in people. We were among 170,000 people who walked the bridge that day. The last photo, all very tired, we had made to top of the bridge. At 80 meters above the river, with fantastic views of the city, a 3.2KM round trip.

This has been the 2nd major opening we have attended this year. Earlier in the year we had the opportunity to walk through the 4.8KM long tunnel which goes up to 60 meters under Brisbane city and the Brisbane river. The Clem 7 Tunnel was opened in February this year.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Short stay in the Mater Childrens last week

Very distracted week as far as ABR was concerned. lots of interruptions. On Tuesday we checked into Hotel Mater Children's Hospital. Harri was required to spend 2 nights under EEG observations. This was to help clearly diagnose his epilepsy and make changes to his medications if necessary. The down side is he needed to be sleep deprived ( very tired). It took us the rest of the week to get right again.

We are also trying to read a book that was recommended to us, "The Brain That Changes Itself" by Norman Doidge. We have found it initially a very interesting read. It is a collection of research and success stories for neuroplasticity.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Good news this week, Harri finally got rid of the cast. It was replaced by a splint that can be removed for bathing. He had his first good night sleep last night. We are getting more ABR done, because of better positioning.
We will have to interrupt his sleep for a short hospital stay this week, Tuesday and maybe Wednesday nights. They will be performing EEG tests during his sleep to eliminate epilepsy as a part of his neurology problems.
We also met with a new neurologist to discuss DBS (deep brain stimulation) as a possible treatment option for Harri's recovery. Unfortunately there is not enough evidence or research into this treatment for brain injuries yet. But the Doctor believes that there will be lots of development in this area over the next 3 to 5 years. There is a small chance that this could be a possibility for Harri.

regards Matt