Friday, March 26, 2010

Following a new study for an old drug

Hello All,

A conversation with a friend of Kim's, resulted in myself looking into a study posted in the Medical Journal of Australia in 2008, about a old drug called Bethanechol. Not normally used for cerebral palsy or muscle spasms, this study shows interesting results. We need to check to see if it will effect his seizures adversely. But currently the Neurologist is investigating whether Harrison has epilepsy or if his events are a result of muscle spasm and twitching

I don't think there has been a study with children yet. But our GP believes it worth while talking to the Neurologist.
Regards Matt

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a busy start to the year

Boy, what a start to the year. Getting the children started at school and into routines with school, sport and other social activities. Harri also having a lot of specialist appointments and the complication of a broken arm, which needed to be pinned. All this meaning i have been slack in keeping up the posts.
Before you know it we will be in Sydney for our next ABR review. A first this time, we will be joined by Kim, as the QLD holidays will coincide with clinic.
Regards Matt