Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still trying to shake a cough

We move into a very busy 5-6 weeks, with 3 birthdays in our immediate family, fathers day, wedding anniversary which leads into the september school holidays. I will be also attending a special 1st birthday in Mackay of my godson in early September.

Harri on the other hand is still trying to shake his cough, which he has had since April. Now on his 3rd different type of anti-biotic. If this is unsuccessful the doctor may like try steroids to help him recover. But Kim and I will look for other solutions before we go there.

Harri is well into the 7th and final book of Harry Potter, and is keen to finish it before the movie is due out at Christmas time.

Regards Matt

Monday, August 16, 2010

Very promising start

Firstly, I apologies for being a couple of days late with this post. Internet host problems.
However it has been a very promising start with Harri's BCI program. This is the brain computer interfacing. In the first week Harri has got a handle on 2 basic, mental commands, push forward and pull backwards. He is able to switch between the 2 with increasing accuracy. To add to this we had some close friends over for a BBQ on saturday night, when, in demonstrating his new skills to them, he went on to learn 2 more skills, lift (up) and drop (push down). He immediately began switching between these newly learned skills. There is 13 mental commands in all to learn. To add to this, there is 11 facial triggers that can be used as well.
Each of these skills or triggers can be programed to execute a normal computer command, like enter/return, left mouse button click or scroll up. In the end Harri may be able to use thought commands to operate a computer, send emails and even update this blog with his own thoughts. It will take some time, some learning and some support from people more computer capable than me. But 1 day this is very possible.
regards Matt

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Feeling very encouraged after our recent review

We arrived back from our trip to the ABR clinic in Sydney, late on Thursday night. We experienced lots of disruptions to our flights both on the way down and on the way back. The first time we have experienced this with Qantas. The cabin staff were as helpfully as we expected, but it still makes for a long trip. The flight out of Brisbane was full due to an earlier flight being cancelled. Our flight was delayed after we had all boarded, due to fuel leaking from the aircraft. We had to disembark and board a new aircraft, a very time consuming task. The flight back was delayed due to a earlier flight being cancelled again. On landing at Brisbane, the commissioner ( man in yellow vest who push the wheelchairs and generally help passengers with disabilities) Well he was late getting to our aircraft to escort me, because he was helping 4 sporting wheelies from a different flight that had arrived at the same time as ours. So we had the aircraft cleaners working around us, cleaning the aircraft for the next flight.

The clinic was a chance to take a deep breath and re-focus on the task of how to help our young ones recover as optimally as possible. The evaluation is always refreshing to see how far you have come since the last visit and since you started your journey. Sometimes it seems a slow process, like erosion. But you only have to look at some of the beautiful landscapes around the world to see that, give time, we can change our children's lives, just like erosion changes the face of the planet.

While Harri has a long way to go for his recovery, we were thrilled to be there at the clinic to see Marcus receiving his award for walking and in recognition of his own efforts to his recovery.

Thank you also to our friend Jensen, for helping to download the Emotiv program. I will be putting some energies to developing this further, now we are home again.

Thank you also to the ABR team for hosting the clinic, Sarah and Jensen who came out this time, and Jessie, Christine and Kim, keeping things going back in Singapore.

Finally some photos from our recent trip. Regards Matt

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It has arrived

IT HAS ARRIVED. The emotiv , wireless brain computer interfacing hardware. We need to download the software, ( i am still coming to terms with the task, given i have not used windows in 2 1/2 years, and this new windows 7 looks different than the old windows). But i have made time to go and see, and speak to one of the developers while in Sydney. This should help get me set up and rolling.

It will be fantastic for Harri to be able to access a computer through this revolutionary technology. It will be  an exciting new way to do his school work and communicate in general. Stay tuned for updates on our developments with this new area.

We are all set to go to Sydney, this coming week. Harri has been on antibiotics for a lingering bronchitis. Fingers crossed it should be all cleared up by the time we leave. I promise to take photos and post on my return.

regards Matt