Monday, October 27, 2014

A little concern for Harri

The last weekend has seen Harri at the hospital for GI issues. This is not the first time Harri has had GI issues, but the symptoms are worse than he has had before. Although home again now, the issue is still left unresolved and may require further investigations.

On the good news side, Harri's long awaited SGD mount has arrived and the device will now start going everywhere with him. We hope this will now bring consistency for Harri in his attempts to communicate with us and the world. So when you see Harri next time, don't forget to engage in a basic conversation with him, and then give him plenty of time to work on his response.

I promise later this week i will post photos and stories of our holidays. We were lucky enough to enjoy a P&O cruise to the South Pacific.

Cheers MC

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fundraising ride finishes in style

This week has seen the fundraising ride for Peter Brookes comes to a tremendous finish. Peter had been riding from Sydney to the Gold Coast. He left Sydney on the 28th of September and arriving on the Gold Coast to tremendous applause on the 8th of October. Channel 9 Gold Coast News were there to cover the story ( see the link below). A total of just over $17,000 was raised as of Peter's arrival home. A tremendous thanks to Peter, his family and supporters who help him accomplish the gruelling feat, and the couple of people who took up their bikes to keep Peter company for some of the journey. Thank you also to Peter's employer, A.B. Patterson College, their staff, students and school community for getting behind him. We are very glad to have him back safe and sound after taking on the Pacific Highway with a bike.

9 NEWS story

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What a magical holiday

We were lucky enough to go on a south pacific cruise holiday in the 2nd week of the school holiday. 7 nights with 3 stops in New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Everyone had a ball. The staff were very good to us, the locals at the all the stops were also very friendly. It is the best holiday we have done yet. It's gunna be hard to top that.

Sorry for putting up a lot of photos but it was hard to choose.