Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chickens getting big

The chickens are growing fast, They have been mostly locked up in their pen, because of they were small. But we have been finishing off their run and they are now able to walk about the run, but are locked up at night for their safety.

Ten Pin Bowling has finished up for the year, with the awards night next Saturday night.

Friday night Harri attended his first school dance. Attended by some special guests from St. Lawrences and Loreto Collage. Harri enjoyed watching the band from St. Lawrences. But not as much as he enjoyed dancing with the lovely girls from Loreto.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Big appointment approaching

This Thursday Harri will have a big appointment day. The rehab team at the Royal Children's will line up to see Harri. Clinical Nurse followed by Physio, Speach and Occupational therapist, then followed by Dietician, then the Orthotist, wrapped up the rehab paediatrician and orthopaedic doctors.

Then we arrive home to have a trial of new head rests for both the standing frame and all terrain chair.

Harri's bowling finishes for the year soon, with an awards night in early December. As school is also finishing soon for the year, i will be organising friendship circles for Harri during the holidays, so he can hang out with children his age. They will play games, watch DVD's and chat. There will also be a couple of outings, possibly the movies and bowling.

Regards Matt

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Harri shines at bowling

Harri had another fantastic week at 10 pin bowling. With an impressive score of 222, which is 79 over his average. Elevating him to overall 3rd on the individual scores for a single game and overall 3rd for a  match/series (3 games) with and without handicap. We can wait for awards night. Harri's team has done well finishing in the top half of the draw. Thanks also to Matt G, Harri's helper, for all his support.