Thursday, February 28, 2013

More hospital appointments and results

We had confirmation of the results of Harri's gastostomy from last Friday. As we expected there was signs of acid burn and a looseness of his oesophagus at the stomach. It was not severe enough to warrant corrective surgery, but it may be an option further down the track. What was a surprise is some evidence of gastritis lower in his stomach and at the beginning of his intestine. A change of medicine is hoped to correct the problem.

We had a appointment at the RCH today to see rehabilitation specialists. The aim was to come up with a plan to combat Harri's cramping and the associated pain. We discussed some more long term solutions, but the short term plan was to increase the amount and frequency of the Botox injections, as well as increase the amount of sites it is administered to. We should have an indication within 2 weeks if this new plan is going to work.

In combination with the new plan Harri has new AFO's and standing will become an important addition to the potential success of plan to achieve standing transfers.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Queensland team bid unsuccessful

Harri had the final roll off for selection in the Cole Cup Qld team this weekend. He bowled courageously but was unsuccessful. He has however qualified for a place as an individual bowler at the national disabled tournament in June, in Canberra, having placed 3rd in the mens A grade at the state titles. We will consider this opportunity before making our discussion.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Harri's day surgery goes fine

Harri had a day surgery procedure on Friday. The gastrostomy was to investigate the cause of recent vomiting and uncomfortableness. The procedure went quickly and Harri woke well in recovery. While there was some unexplained areas of interest the gastroenterologist will be unable to shed any further details until biopsy results are back later this coming week. There was also the expected signs of gastroesophageal reflux at the base of his oesophagus, so for the time being he will remain on omeprasol.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big weekend for Harri

Harri is recovering from a big weekend, we drove to Sydney on Thursday and Friday to attend the latest ABR clinic on Saturday and Sunday, then returned home on Sunday and Monday. Harri was back at school on Tuesday and has been active in more of his classes as the year clicks into gear.

The report from the ABR clinic was as good as can be expected, we have seen a lot of development in his shoulders and neck control leading towards purposeful weight bearing. There is more visible definition of his spinal column and better division between hip hips and ribs , especially on the right side.

New techniques and apparatus have given hope to more efficiency with the same amount of hours. I am happy with this, as i am a bit disappointed in the amount of hours i can give to ABR exercises as Harri is spending so much time with school and school work.

Harri still has time for his 10pin bowling and other interests. The final roll off for the Cole Cup (QLD) team is this Sunday, good luck Harri. Also i have attached some of Harri's latest art work. He really enjoys making choices and producing the art pieces.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Harri in good form

The state selection roll off was on last weekend. Selection is for 3 different teams. A scratch team ( no handicap ), a categorised team ( for bowlers with average scores below 140) and a Cole Cup team.

The scratch team and categorised team have been announced, the cole cup team will be announced in late February.

Harri was in good form and went into the day with an average of 144. He needed to have his bowling action accredited to qualify for selection ( as he is assisted with placing and aiming the ramp and ball). He bowled a morning session of

game 1                160
game 2                151
game 3                138

and an afternoon session of

game 1                177
game 2                159
game 3                149

so an average score for the day of about 155. There will be 1 more bowling day for the Cole Cup team later in February of 1 session ( 3 games). He may need to bowl an average of around 170-175 to make the team.