Thursday, December 16, 2010

Very busy bees

We have been very busy bees of late, and i apologies again for the lack of regular posts.

What has been happening in Harri life since my last post, well the main thing has been 16 individual hyperbaric oxygen treatments. The Hyperbarics Works have moved to indooroopilly, so this has been an all day event, most days, with some christmas shopping in between. I have been still working 3 nights as referee for touch football. Also we have finalised plan for our mystery tour, which starts on December 21st.

By coincidence this is also the date for the first lunar eclipse for east coast Australia in some years, so we are hoping for clear skies. The eclipse will have started just after sunset and progress as the night falls. The moon should do its amazing change colour and go dark ect. It will happen at a time of night that the children can see it all take place.

I am taking Harri's laptop with us so as the holiday progresses i should be able to provide updates.

Cheers for now Matt