Sunday, October 31, 2010

Perfect conditions for camping

We had perfect conditions for camping. Helping out at the farm and generally relaxing. I have attached some photos for you to enjoy. Some of the things we did not get on photo were, dad ( me ) cracking a whip, which was used to round up the cattle into the stock yard. The search party ( Jae, Matt jnr and me ) looking for Bailey and Kim, who were gone a long time on a walk to the near by bluff. The search party did not find them because they came walking up the road to the farm from the other direction ( they had taken the long way back ).

Fixing a fence broken in a recent flash flood.
spraying cattle for parasites.
under the watchful eye of our supervisor ( Harri )
and finally a spot of fishing in the near by, Mary river.

Cheers for now, Matt

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Packing up and going camping

We are getting all set to pack up the boys and go camping at the farm this weekend. The weather is warming up nicely. I hope to have some good photos to share when we get back.

I was looking at the counter for the blog and the traffic is slowly increasing, so thank you to all our followers out there. We are averaging about 5 visitors a day, with 3 of those being return visitors. Thank you again, and don't forget to forward a link to people you think might be interested.

Regards Matt

Monday, October 18, 2010

computer practice becomes easier

We had a break from the computer practice over the 2 weeks of school holidays, it is hard to concentrate with your brothers running around. But the last 2 weeks we have got down to business and Harri is finding the computer practice easier.
The Harri's HOPE shopping bus tour happened on the weekend, with 30 people taking part and having fun  and taking advantage of great savings. The proceeds go to help Harri's charity, Harri's HOPE. We wont find out the final amount for a few weeks, but its looks to be at the least, as successful as last years event.
We have begun our preparation to the upcoming ABR clinic in Sydney in early November. We hope to bring back some more reports and good news.
Regards Matt

Monday, October 11, 2010

Result in, no change to treatment

In the last week we received the results of the tests and biopsies taken in the procedures at the end of last week. The news is, that nothing in the results would prompt the specialists to change the course of treatments we are currently undertaking. We breathed a sigh of relief, as 1 of the possible outcomes could have been surgery to tighten the muscle at the bottom of his esophagus.
Onward and upward.
I am at the moment trying to find someone in Australia who performs TMS as a treatment for brain injury / epilepsy. Hard to find people in this field ( maybe because its fairly new treatment ).
Regards Matt

Monday, October 4, 2010

Double procedure uncovers more difficulties

On last Friday, Harri had a double procedure, a gastrostomy and a bronchoscopy, both yielding unexpected results. Firstly the bronchoscopy was performed to uncovered the cause of a persistent moist cough. We discovered that Harri has a condition called TracheoMalacia, a soft trachea. Making it difficult to expel mucus from his bronchial tubes. This is usually found with a build up of mucus and proteins in the lung, leaving him exposes to a higher rate of chest infections. However his lungs are clear, meaning with preventative physio, we could avoid this situation.
The Gastrostomy was performed to find out what is causing the bleeding in his stomach. We discovered that the feeding tube that was replaced in April is different on the inside than the previous 1. This has resulted in a lesion caused by rubbing. Further to this there is signs at the bottom of his Esophagus, that he has been suffering from reflux. They have taken a biopsy and we will get results later this week.

Regards Matt