Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Recovery is still a hope

After our recent review in Sydney, of Harri's ABR program, and an encouraging report. We still hold hope for a sustainable recovery from his brain injury, without the need for intervention surgery.
Although walking is still some way off for Harri, he has achieved some important milestones in his physical abilities. Despite being new comers to the ABR program, we are happy to report, we
are already seeing results in Harri's progress. We are very happy that we have found ABR and hope that other families with loved ones suffering from cerebral palsy or other brain injuries and spinal injuries, find out about this new treatment, and also help them recover from their ailments.

regards Matt

Friday, November 20, 2009

ABR Clinic November 09

We received new manual exercises for our ABR program, but keep doing the same machine exercises for the next 4 months.

See you all at the next clinic.

Regards Matt