Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Amazing break through for Harri's communication

We received information from Harri's school, that today in a OT session, Harri was using 2 switches to communicate. The importance of this is that he can use 1 switch to cycle through choices and the 2nd switch to select or confirm that choice.

We have been looking intently at eye scanning technology recently, this is expensive equipment and we may need to trial several before we find the best one to suit Harri. The exciting part of this is that there is already a lot of programs and software out there that the new ability with switching can tap into.

I have created a link to the Pat Carroll Running Group for people interested in helping them in their fundraising for Harri's HOPE, the charity for Harri.

The long awaited vehicle will be delivered in the next week or 2. I will post photos as soon as it arrives.

Regards Matt

Sunday, May 20, 2012

ABR review update

Our recent trip to The Sydney ABR clinic has had some good news in the reports. Harri has had better development and division between hip hips and his ribs, as well as increase range of movement in his shoulders.
We have our work cut out for us though, because the next stage Harri will go through will see further division between his hip and ribs which will look like destabilisation of his scoliosis. So our focus will now shift to his lower spine. To achieve this we need Harri to be on his belly (prone) for the intense treatment. Harri does not like this much at all.
The machine program shifts to the lateral ribs, this will aid lung function and his cough.

Regards Matt

Friday, May 18, 2012

Harri attends year 8 camp

Harri joined the other year 8's on school camp at Kindilan outdoor education centre, over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. While at camp the children were split into form groups and participated in various activities. Where possible Harri was included in the activities. Harri got to go in a canoe, was lowered down the abseil wall in a special chair and went for a 120 meter ride down a flying fox zip line (suspended 3 meters above the ground).

The Kindilan staff were excellent (Justin and the team). Thank you also to the Corinda SHS staff (Vanessa, Craig and Ms Judd). Although Harri could not participate in all the activities, he most certainly enjoyed being with his peers. While they did not have the facilities for Harri to stay over night, Harri stayed both Wednesday and Thursday night for the after dinner activities.

There is not to many photos, as i took more video so the family could see him enjoying the activities.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another day on the green

We attended another "A Day On The Green" concert on the weekend. It was spectacular. Dragon, Choirboys, Daryl Braithwaite, Richard Clapton, Ian Moss and Noiseworks. Awesome.

Now we are preparing for a road trip to Sydney to attend the next ABR clinic.

Next week Harri will attend the Year 8 camp.

Regards Matt

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PCRG choose Harri's HOPE

In the last week we have received notification of Harri's HOPE being chosen as the focus of fundraising by the Pat Carroll Running Group (PCRG), in their lead up to the Gold Coast Marathon event. We are very excited and appreciative of this opportunity.

We had the opportunity to meet most of the running group on Tuesday morning (6am), for a 3Km time trial. They were all very supportive and encouraging. This ties in well with my own hopes of participating in the Gold Coast Half Marathon. But 8 weeks out I have not decided yet whether to participate as an individual in the half marathon or with Harri in the 10Km event.

Harri looking very cheerful, Pat and Me (looking very exausted) and some of the group. I clocked a 17:10 for the 3Km. Not a bad starting point.