Friday, June 28, 2013

Road trip for school holidays to Mackay

We have returned from a road trip to Mackay in North Queensland. We visited relatives and most importantly Harri's Grandma. Because she is unable to travel, Harri has not seen her for about 2 and a half years. She was very thrilled to see us, as was all the other relatives and friends we had the opportunity to catch up with.

Harri got a little uncomfortable towards the end of the trip. I think his tail bone was getting sore. We are waiting to see the spinal clinic to sort out any issues with pain and uncomfortableness generating from his kyphoid scoliosis.

The return trip was longer due to mid week road works on the Bruce Highway and the fact we made a detour through Agnes Waters, the town of 1770 and Bundaberg. A detour we have been wanting to make for many years. We have heard lots of good reports on the area. It was very pretty. especially 1770.

Harrison has a trial of the 3rd speech generation device with eye gaze, for 3 weeks. This will take us 1 step closer to the point of ordering a unit for Harri.

Also during the holidays Harri will step up the intensity of his Sporting Wheelies sessions, attending 4 days in a row and some days twice next week.

Regards Matt

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