Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Positive pedal power for Harri

Harri has been working with 2 PT's at sporting wheelies for the last 6 weeks. Each week they give him new exercises and stretches, testing and pushing his flexibility, as well as determining his weakness and tightness. Harri has been more than compliant most weeks.

It has all been heading in the direction of assessing and learning about Harri so that a when we try the more intensive equipment, we can make a educated decision about wether Harri can benefit from the exercise or if there are any potential problem that could cause him harm.

Last week Harri was working with the FES equipment (functional electrical stimulation). The PT's were impressed with the tolerance for the level of amps being applied to muscle groups. Harri was quite compliant with the exercises, although the worst part was the sticky pads coming off. The aim is to use the FES in combination with the bike/cycle seen in the video below. When used in combination Harri can start to learn timing and strengthening of the muscles for functional purpose.

It is weeks like this when it is easier to see a brighter future for Harri. Regards Matt

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