Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Short hospital stay for Harri

Harri had a short hospital stay over the last week. Primarily to find the cause of his restless sleep and cramping episodes.

Some gastro and neurology tests were conducted as well as a full review of his current medications. The discharge plan is to make 3 changes, first to increase the muscle relaxant, Baclofen. Second is to double the dose of the new anti reflux medicine Harri has been put on for Gastritis, Zoton. Lastly is to reduce the intensity of the trial of Stilnox, as it may be having an inter-reaction with some of his other medicines.

It was not all bad, on the weekend we had day passes to go home, and we used one of these days to go and see the new born puppies we are interested in purchasing. Also while we were in hospital we were visited by the "Ruby" a dog from the Delta Pet companion dog program.

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