Monday, March 18, 2013

Harri receives his new wheelchair

After a long wait and at times getting uncomfortable in his old chair, Harri's new wheelchair arrived this week. bright and yellow were the choices he made. This chair has a comfortable backrest and gel seat, as well as having the added advantage of a tilt in space. So recent i will have to add the photo in later.

Also arriving this week was the trial of the 2nd eye gaze device. Maybe because we had the previous on or maybe this one is just that little bit easier to use, but Harri is having a ball when he gets the chance. He does get tired quickly though. I will attempt to capture some video of him using the device and post it this week.

Regards Matt


  1. Hope the eye gaze works for you guys, ours arrived also and Missy has a bit too much movement for it, so we are two foot switching. Do love the Minspeak language set up. The New chair sounds great.