Monday, October 22, 2012

New switches for Harri's wheelchair

After a wait for the switches and mounting plates we had on order to arrive, this we we have said good bye to the switches that were on loan from the school. We now have smaller less obstructive switches, with green for yes and red for no. The next item to sort out is the switch mounts. we have 2 on loan from the school and hope to order mounts soon.

We also had another trial of a wheelchair this week, this has been our 3rd. One more to trial and then time to place an order for a new wheelchair. Delivery will most probably be after christmas. Harri is growing so fast that it only seems like last year that he got his current chair. But it has been over 3 years.

Harri enjoyed participating in his school camp in the last week. He was only able to attend the 1 full day, due to commitments with specialists. Among other activities they went to the beach, fishing and bush walking.

Regards Matt

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