Sunday, October 7, 2012

Harri receives reward for effort

This week at 10 pin bowling, we received news that Harri has qualified for the selection squad to represent QLD in a team at the national disability tournament next year in June. This is fantastic news for Harri and a reward for the effort he puts in at bowling every week.

We would like to thank Matthew, Harri's friend who has offered up his time a lot of Saturday mornings to come along and help Harri with his bowling. They are really starting to gel as a team.

As Harrison increases his communication with his devices, I have thought of a way to encourage him to take more of a role in this blog and give Harri some different challenges. If you have become a follower of the blog (I think you need a google mail account), please post a question for Harri in the comments section for a post. I will then work on the question with him and post answers to your question on the blog. If you could keep the questions to simple ones at first would be good. 

Please encourage other you know who would be interested, to become followers and take part.

Harris starts back at school this coming week, and with the warm weather I bet that Harri is keen to see his Thursday come quickly and get back on the water with Sailability.


  1. Hi Harri, I have started sailing this week with sailability too. I loved how I went so fast and that it was a bit scary! How do you like it? From Cooper

  2. Hello Cooper, I asked Harrison what he likes about Sailing and he communicated, going far away from the shore and the peacefulness. ( we have not had a lot of strong winds so far this year ). But Harrison smiled and laughed when i read to him your comments about going fast and a bit scary. Thank you for your question.