Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Milestone for the blog

Hello to all the readers of Harri's blog. Firstly let me say thank you all so much for coming back and getting your updates on Harri's news. I hope to have some interesting new posts to put up this year, some of which will be created by Harri at school and uploaded to the blog. That is if i can get my head around the technology.

The milestone for the blog is, sometime this month we will pass 4000 visits to the blog since the beginning of last year. We also have 13 followers.

My hope and aim is to double that for the next 12 months, and to grow the number of followers to over 50. To become a follower, you will need a google email or yahoo mail account ( yahoo email accounts are free and easy to set up )

The charity Harri's HOPE Inc. will also be holding our first fundraising event this year, to complement the other fundraising efforts already in place.

Thanks again for all your support, Regards Matt

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