Sunday, February 12, 2012

A day on the green

Last weekend, Harri enjoyed the concert in the vineyard at Sirromet, "A Day On The Green". The bands were Hall & Oates, Glass Towers and Icehouse. Harri really enjoying one of my favorite eighties bands. The afternoon / evening was good.

School this week for Harri has been more productive, he is really starting to settle into his environment. School photos were on Friday, so he had to be looking his best for his first ever high school photos. Harri will spend contact time in the classroom, over the 3 days at Corinda SHS. They will be, Maths, Science and Spanish. He will also spend some time in Art. The remainder of the time he will work on his IEP at the unit.

Harri was supposed to go sailing for the first time last Thursday with the seniors at Nursery Road, but wind conditions meant the day was cancelled. He is looking forward to his next opportunity.

I will finish this week off with a photo from the concert last weekend.

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