Monday, July 18, 2011

feeling better still

The last week has been the best since Harrison's recent surgery. Harri is feeling better and although we still have some moments where we get into difficulty, he is much better at settling himself and not fully reliant on me being there to reposition him constantly.

We are jammed up with clinic appointments, visitors and just getting the everyday things done. next week should see us with more time to settle back into a routine. We really need to get back into our ABR routine as we have an up coming clinic in early August. We have not had much time for ABR recently and also missed the clinic earlier this year. So i have to get us back into the routine to make the most of the clinic.

Harri recently received a bundle of balloons from family that really cheered him up and brightens up the room. I have attached a photo. They are in his favorite colours, that of his team the Gold Coast Titan's, although they need a lot of help this year, they are not going so well. Harri will be attending their next game on Saturday 23rd at Skilled Park. Look for us in the crowd.

Regards Matt

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