Monday, January 18, 2016


I woke up today, as with many other days feeling normal for a fraction of a second, thinking everything was normal. Then reality catches up to you. This place looks the same, same bed, same house, same people around you. But it does not feel the same, it's a somber, less cheery world that you have been teleported to, a parallel world where everything is almost exactly the same. But it is different for me and difficult most days. I have tried keeping busy and tried slowing down and adjust to this new world. But there are days where I think I can't go on either way. I just want to return to where I was and that makes me feel lost and torn between here and there. 
There are people who were teleported here at the same time as you, some of them look like they have adjusted to this new world, others seem to be making the best of it, then there are a few who seem to be struggling as much as I am to adjust to these familiar but uneasy surroundings. Then there are people who carry on as if nothing has changed, fail to realise just how much the old world meant to you, that you built your life around that one person who was the centre of that world. The one person who was not teleported to the new world, “a world without Harri”. Some times all you need to get through the day is some acknowledgement from the people around you that it is ok to be sad and to cry, that they will cry with you because they also long to go back to the world with you. But that world only exists in everyones memories. We can't go back to it. But this does not mean that it was not a real world and that we should be sad for it's passing.
Kim and Matt Creevey