Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hello again to the readers,

                   Firstly my apologies for the hiatus. Life has certainly picked up pace around our household. I will endeavour to account for that in coming posts. Most certainly the communication work with Harri's SGD is taking a lot of priority and time. On top of this the need for me to return to work and the success of starting a small business has lead to a savage lack out time on my part, to up keep regular posts.

                   How ever our 1 fundraiser for the year has snuck up on us and is on this month.

We are completing the City2South 14km fun run on the 14th of June 2015. The team consists of Bailey (younger brother of Harri), Kim ( Harri's mother) and they will be joined by Harri being pushed by myself. I am giving myself a challenge of trying to complete the 14km run (which includes Highgate Hill) in under 90 minutes. An increased difficulty as Harri is 17 now and is 4kg heavier than last year.

Thank you again. for now M.C.

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