Friday, July 4, 2014

School holidays a chance workout

The school holidays have started, and there is no plan to go away these holidays. So Harri is taking the opportunity to increase his Sporting Wheelies PT sessions. A thank you to Christian and Nathan for offering the extra PT sessions. Thanks also to Sarah and Naomi, his regular PT's, as they have loaded Harri's FES profile onto the new controller, making the sessions run smoother and more post PT sessions on the MotoMed available.

We did take the opportunity to visit Family at Kenilworth / Imbil over the weekend and help out with some jobs around the farm.

The SGD work is going well, with training commenced at the schools and an application for a wheelchair mount in place, it will only be a short wait and his communication device will go everywhere with him.

Harri's new carer Jenni is helping to extract the best out of Harri, he is working really well with her.

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