Thursday, November 14, 2013

An adventure with out dad

Last weekend Harri, my mum and I, went on a magical mystery tour to crystal castle. After dad had flown to Cairns for my aunty Chris's birthday party.

It was a surprise to Harri and me, as mum did not tell us where we were going. We just followed Lola's (our GPS) directions. The Crystal Castle is in Northern NSW not far from Mullumbimby. It was extremely exiting as dad was away. It is full with enchanting polished gems, precised sculptures and elegant nature.

The best section for me was the gem shop Harri loved it and we all had fun.

On the way home Lola lost her voice and for some reason we missed the turn off to the new Highway and ended up coming home on the old highway. And bits of country roads that Lola took us down. Quite an adventure. We got to see a lovely part of NSW and Qld. Much more beautiful than the new way. Lots more windy and hilly. A bit scary at times. Not that I would tell Dad! We missed out on the chocolate coated bananas. The shop is still there but was shut by the time we were coming past. I don't like daylight savings anymore.

Cheers Bailey & Kim


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