Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Birthday this week

Harri celebrates his birthday this week. He has already shared some cake with his family after school and also taken some cakes to school to share, where they sang happy birthday, much to his delight. Some young friends will also celebrate with him after school later in the week.

The afternoon of his birthday was enjoyed by the whole family getting out onto the bike track, with Harri in his new bike-chair bike. Older brother Jae having to run along side as his bike is not in working order. He thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Overhaul for the blogsite

Hello readers, you would have notice a different looking blogsite. I have been getting some assistance from a tech savy volunteer ( Lesley), in making some well over due changes to the blog site appearance. The appearance may change several time over the next couple of weeks as we try new looks to find a style that looks good and is functional.

Please feel free to comment your feedback.

In the meantime changes are also happening over on the Harri's HOPE Inc. website. There we are also giving things a face lift and expanding the content. Please drop in to that site and have a look. Again feedback is important.

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