Friday, April 19, 2013

A new addition to the family

Last weekend we went to the Siberian Husky breeder to choose a puppy to become part of our family. The pups are just over 3 weeks old, but showing some important traits that make selecting a suitable companion dog to suit our family. It will be about 5 more weeks before the puppy is ready to come home, but preparations around the house and yard have already begun. As yet we have not decided on a name for the little girl, but feel free to post any suggestions. Enjoy the pictures.

This is our selected puppy.

 Here with the full complement of siblings ( 3 M, 3 F ) our little one is at the top end of the line.
The beautiful mum of the puppies, Taz. when not looking after her puppies, she was sitting next to Harri. Dogs just have that sense.   

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