Friday, February 8, 2013

Harri in good form

The state selection roll off was on last weekend. Selection is for 3 different teams. A scratch team ( no handicap ), a categorised team ( for bowlers with average scores below 140) and a Cole Cup team.

The scratch team and categorised team have been announced, the cole cup team will be announced in late February.

Harri was in good form and went into the day with an average of 144. He needed to have his bowling action accredited to qualify for selection ( as he is assisted with placing and aiming the ramp and ball). He bowled a morning session of

game 1                160
game 2                151
game 3                138

and an afternoon session of

game 1                177
game 2                159
game 3                149

so an average score for the day of about 155. There will be 1 more bowling day for the Cole Cup team later in February of 1 session ( 3 games). He may need to bowl an average of around 170-175 to make the team.

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