Monday, September 10, 2012

Harri celebrates

Harri has enjoyed celebrating his birthday at school with friends for the first time. He was so excited that he woke up at 4.15am giggling and could not get back to sleep. He enjoyed a family outing to the movies with the family after school. Harri will celebrate his birthday on Saturday with friends at a 10 pin bowling party.

On the subject of bowling, Harri competed in the state disability inter club challenge, at our local bowling centre. Harri's average and scores meant he was competing in the A grade division. He bowled in a teams, a pairs and singles event. Due to other commitments we needed to leave the award presentation early, but not before Harri received a bronze medal for his singles event. The A grade comprised approximately 18-20 participants. We will have to wait until next Saturday to find out how he went in his other events.

Regards Matt

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