Monday, December 19, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

The Holidays have only started a week ago, but we have been busy busy busy. Christmas carols, putting up decorations, tidying up around the house, Christmas shopping and catching up with relatives and friends. Harri seems to be just as tired as when he was at school. We are looking forward to a slow couple of days over Christmas and boxing day.

Harri's trial on the medicine is progressing well. We are seeing definite signs of more activeness and alertness, as well as being generally more relaxed and sleeping better. We are hopeful that as his body adjusts to the level he is on, it will enable him to form his words better. This won't come quickly as Harri has not spoken since 2001, so even if the ability to speak starts to return, Harri will have to go through learning to form his sounds again.

Regards Matt

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