Thursday, January 27, 2011

When you least expect it

While on our extensive holidays ( sorry for the lack of posting ). We happened across an amazing park for disabled children, in the one of the most unlikely of places. Mossman, about 90 KM north of Cairns, with less than 2000 people. Some of the equipment i have not seen the like of anywhere. I will do my research and find out who manufactured it, because i could not find a made by stamp or sticker anywhere on the equipment.

What caught our eye, and to the biggest delight of Harri, was the flying fox. But it also had a round-about, conventional swing and cargo swing. Please enjoy the photos. I will be doing my best to have some of this equipment installed at some parks in Brisbane.

Regards for now Matt


  1. Looks great, we have a similar flying fox in a closeby town. In regards to your comments on my blog about the I-max, we did look at that also and it only had 130cm internal height, not enough when Missy sits in her new chair unless you go for a cut in conversion option.

  2. That looks awesome Matt! Harri looks like he's laughing so hard he's gonna wet himself! What an awesome find...would love to hear if you find who made it....think we need them for Canberra too.