Monday, August 16, 2010

Very promising start

Firstly, I apologies for being a couple of days late with this post. Internet host problems.
However it has been a very promising start with Harri's BCI program. This is the brain computer interfacing. In the first week Harri has got a handle on 2 basic, mental commands, push forward and pull backwards. He is able to switch between the 2 with increasing accuracy. To add to this we had some close friends over for a BBQ on saturday night, when, in demonstrating his new skills to them, he went on to learn 2 more skills, lift (up) and drop (push down). He immediately began switching between these newly learned skills. There is 13 mental commands in all to learn. To add to this, there is 11 facial triggers that can be used as well.
Each of these skills or triggers can be programed to execute a normal computer command, like enter/return, left mouse button click or scroll up. In the end Harri may be able to use thought commands to operate a computer, send emails and even update this blog with his own thoughts. It will take some time, some learning and some support from people more computer capable than me. But 1 day this is very possible.
regards Matt

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