Tuesday, July 27, 2010

busy 2 weeks ahead

We are going to have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us. Next week we make our way down to Sydney for our next ABR review. Making the trip on our own again this time ( Kim was with us last time).
We are also expecting the delivery from Emotive in the next week. This will be the system that will read Harri's brain waves and convert them into commands for a computer. It will only be finding the right program to suit this and we hopefully break down the communication barrier.

We are to see the doctor tomorrow to get the results of a recent chest x-ray, as Harri has had a persistent moist cough, but not real sign of infection. I will do another post this week end, before we leave next week.
regards Matt

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  1. Hey Matt
    Love to hear more about your emotive gadget when you get it! We won't be at ABR this time around. Things have been waaaay too hectic and we simply don't have enough $$ after our interstate move. So, we will see you guys in Dec.
    Lotsa Love and say hi to Harri and Kim.